The Organization

Law firm organized over 20 years ago by titular partner Simone A. Gastaldello, who then had in her bag, for the several years of services provided to two of the most reputable and competent law firms in Brazil, the genuine ideal of exercising with dedication, study and perseverance, the honorable and efficient defense of the rights of her clients.

As the years passed, she started to count on the help of competent and qualified lawyers, who, gradually, became part of the professional partnership now established.

The professional characteristics and ideals of its founder have been added up to the braveness and efficiency of the joining colleagues, who, through the joint effort along the years, made the firm known for its integrity, competence and commitment with the rights and expectations of its clients.

In the several years of continuous services, the firm specialized in several areas, among which, banking, representing, for more than fifteen years, the rights of large financial conglomerates.

In this line of activities, the professionals that comprise the legal staff dedicated to the recovery of credits and property belonging to its clients, as well as in the discussion and adjustment of debts related to the most different kinds of agreements.

The firm has provided legal services, with excellence, in the monitoring of civil and commercial agreements, aiming at their adequate preparation and execution.

Based on the sound experience acquired in the contractual area and in the recovery of credits, the firm started to coordinate and manage agreements executed by foreign companies with its distributors and representatives located in Brazil.

It equally acts in the consulting and litigation sphere in order to fully meet its client’s needs.

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